The FLBUG Consortium meets at least once per year, and at any time members feel it is necessary. The Annual Meeting is normally held the last week of October of each year in Orlando, FL. Other meetings are scheduled as needed, usually hosted by one of the members.  The Consortium will consider new initiatives, share minutes and provide an annual report of activities and goals to each institution’s District President or designee.

The Consortium may invite chairs of other standing advisory councils / consortiums / committees – such as the Council of Business Affairs or the Distance Learning Consortium – to participate in meetings as needed.

A Consortium Chair and Chair-elect will be elected at the Annual Meeting for the subsequent fiscal year. The term of the chairs will be for one fiscal year. The Chair-elect will automatically assume the position of Chair at the beginning of the fiscal year.

The duties of the Chair are:

  • Moderate each Consortium meeting;
  • Prepare and distribute the agenda for each Consortium meeting. Agendas will be distributed electronically at least one month before the scheduled meeting;
  • Appoint a Meeting Coordinator for each Consortium meeting;
  • Make assignments to Consortium members related to surveys, studies and other action items;
  • Prepare the Consortium Annual Report.

The duties of the Chair-elect are:

  • Keep notes of each meeting and distribute minutes;
  • Serve in the role of Chair in the absence of the Chair;
  • Conduct the annual election for the following year Chair and Chair-elect;
  • Maintain any rules and bylaws that are established by the Consortium;
  • Maintain the Consortium web site;
  • Submit invoices related to members’ financial commitments as determined by a unanimous vote of the members.