The FLBUG Consortium Mission

The mission of the FLBUG Consortium is to address core business needs and establish a strong return-on-investment while continuously improving the features and functionality of its ERP software. Through collaboration, the Consortium hopes to capitalize on sharing “best practices”, joint training and purchasing discounts.


The purpose of the FLBUG Consortium is

  • to identify and articulate a broad and long-range view of ERP priorities for the Florida Community Colleges Banner ERP Consortium (the Consortium);
  • to define a framework within which individual institutions retain as much flexibility as possible for their own planning while meeting state guidelines and supporting the needs of the state system to respond in a timely manner to mandates and requirements from the Florida State Board of Education, the Florida State Legislature, and other external authorities;
  • to provide advisory input on IT policy issues within the Consortium;
  • to identify and advise upon those matters of Banner ERP system development within the Consortium that involve collaboration, cooperation, or joint ventures between individual colleges;
  • to assist the Consortium in overseeing and evaluating the uses of state funds appropriated for IT applications;
  • to communicate progress, problems, and possibilities on IT issues to appropriate constituencies within the Consortium; and
  • to advise the system on priority studies for which external assistance or consultants would be needed, and to assist in the identification and recruitment of such expertise.